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Advanced Smart Gas Metering Solutions

Smart metering systems are revolutionizing the way gas companies manage operations and billing. These advanced meters allow for remote monitoring of customer consumption, leading to more efficient operations and precise billing.

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Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Gas Management

Smart gas meters operate on low-energy battery power, extending operational life and reducing ignition risks. SmartMeterQ’s UGM series utilizes ultrasonic technology with temperature adjustment at a standard 15° C, while the TGM series, based on MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) thermal mass sensors, offers cost-effective and accurate gas volume control. Long-range, low-power wireless connectivity, including 2G and NB IoT, is integral for efficient remote operation.

Advantages of Smart Gas Metering Systems

Smart gas metering systems offer significant benefits, including improved energy distribution, reduced operational costs, and optimized resource allocation. Consumption monitoring leads to accurate and timely billing. Where regulations permit, SmartMeterQ’s technology supports Prepayment metering, enabling remote modulation or interruption of gas supply.

Outsourced Expertise in Smart Meter Implementation

Our products are categorized into two main series based on internal technology: the UGM series with ultrasonic technology and the TGM series featuring thermal mass sensors. Both series come with high-capacity gas measurement versions. SmartMeterQ provides connectivity options through our proprietary cloud portal, popular third-party portals, or On-premises platforms hosted on company servers.

Key Features of SmartMeterQ Smart Meters

  • Ultrasonic flow sensor
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Built-in interception valve
  • Highly corrosion-resistant steel casing with zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and silicon coating
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Electronic board designed for maximum reliability
  • Integrated earthquake sensor with emergency valve shut-off option
  • Customizable and multi-tariff management
  • Low-pressure loss and low-capacity consumption measurement

RPG Test Laboratory

Our metrological room features an internal calibration and testing facility with sonic nozzle calibration benches for precise measurements according to MID-OIML standards

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Project funded by the Veneto Region under the POR FESR 2014-2020 DGR N. 1223 of 01/08/2017 – Action 1.4.1



The SmartMeterQ project has the objective of designing and implementing a new ultrasonic electronic gas meter, compliant with the most recent regulations and directives concerning gas meters for gas installations, interconnected by means of innovative real-time data transmission techniques


R&D activities have brought considerable benefit in the development of the project, especially in the technological evolution it has brought. Significant results are expected in terms of performance and measurement quality that the new generation of SMART ultrasonic meters will offer the gas metering market. Thanks to the research team and professionals/engineers and collaborators, the result achieved was far beyond expectations, as limits had been set at the design stage, but which the careful engineering equalled and exceeded.