SmartMeterQ’s Gas Smart Meters: UGM & TGM Serie

Discover the future of gas metering with SmartMeterQ’s UGM and TGM series. These smart gas meters, designed for efficiency and precision, are revolutionizing gas supply management.

Meters UGM Series: Ultrasonic Precision

product gas smart meter ultrasonic 05

The UGM series, featuring advanced ultrasonic technology and calibrated at a standard 15° C, ensures accurate gas flow measurement for reliable billing and resource management.

Meters TGM Series: MEMS Thermal Mass Efficiency

product gas smart meter thermal mass 03

Our TGM series, equipped with MEMS thermal mass sensors, provides an economical yet precise solution for gas volume control, ideal for cost-effective and accurate gas supply management.

SmartMeterQ Smart Gas Meters series

Both series boast long-range, low-power wireless connectivity, including 2G and NB IoT, for efficient remote operation and monitoring.

The UGM and TGM series gas Smart Meter is designed and manufactured to measure the volume of Natural Gas and Natural Gas mixed with up to 23 % hydrogen.

The measurement technology is based on an innovative ultrasonic sensor which integrates also the temperature sensor for volume conversion and permits to obtain an high precision and performance. 

The TGM gas Smart Meter satisfies the new generation of smart devices to fulfillall requirements of European and International
standards MID-OIML.


Remote and local communication with DLMS/COSEM protocol (DLMS Association Authentication algorithm: High Level Security with AES-128- GMAC – Data messages Authentication/ Encryption algorithm: AES-128-GCM)

Customer reserved area

Dedicated area for company logo and/or emergency contact


Integrated shut-off valve with possibility of remote control

Serial number

Compliant to UNI/TS 11291 -Communication module – Communication module for automatic meter reading

Anti-fraud seal

Mechanical lead seal and electronic seal with sensor for battery cover opening

Metrological seal

Configuration interface

Optical port ZVEI compliant to standard IEC 1170 (EN62056-21) and UNI/TS 11291


  • LCD display with 8 digits + 2 characters and icons
  • Visible area 73x21mm

Menu navigation buttons

Silicon keys for user menu navigation

Battery compartment

Removable cover for batteries replacement

product gas smart meter 02 1