SmartMeterQ: Experts in Smart Gas Meter Manufacturing and Know-How Transfer

SmartMeterQ, a leading company in the smart gas meter industry, offers a unique combination of technical expertise and know-how transfer services.

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Founded in 2017 by Sandro Bezzetto, SmartMeterQ has established itself not only in the manufacture of software and firmware for gas meters, but also in the physical production of meters of various sizes, integrating advanced technological solutions such as Thermal-mass and Ultrasonic technology. Our main service, however, lies in transferring this know-how to other companies, enabling them to directly start the production of smart gas meters, giving them a competitive advantage in the global market.

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A Complete Production and Innovation Ecosystem

From a beginning focused on the production of software and firmware, SmartMeterQ has expanded its expertise in the physical production of gas meters (G1.6, G2.5, G4, G6, and soon G10, G16, G25). Our factory is not only a production site, but also a learning centre for partner companies. We offer a complete package covering mechanical design, electronics, firmware and software, positioning us as a one-stop supplier worldwide.

Specialisation in Advanced Metering Technologies

Our gas meters are characterised by the use of Thermal-mass and Ultrasonic technologies, which guarantee accuracy and reliability. The ability to transmit consumption data via the web, adaptable to existing systems or our customised portals, is a strength. Compliance with European standards (OIML R137 and EN 17526) assures our partners of legality and efficiency in the licensed production process

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SmartMeterQ’s real added value lies in the transfer of know-how to third parties. We provide a complete package that includes training, sharing technical information, and supplying machinery and components. This service is ideal for companies wishing to quickly start production of smart gas meters, with the assurance of maintaining the same standards of quality and advanced technology that characterise SmartMeterQ.

Strategic Collaborations for Innovation in the Industry

Our business philosophy is based on strengthening relationships through strategic partnerships. We work closely with our customers, sharing our know-how and supporting them in developing efficient and competitive solutions. Our expertise is not limited to providing products, but extends to creating synergies that promote innovation and sustainable progress in the energy sector.


Choosing SmartMeterQ means investing in a reliable partner at the forefront of smart gas meter technology. Our mission is to share our know-how with companies around the world, helping to shape the future of gas metering. Join us in this technological revolution and start your own smart gas meter production with the support and expertise of SmartMeterQ.